Witness Service

 The Citizen’s Advice Witness Service , based in the Oxford Combined Courts, consists of one Team Leader and 28 volunteers .The Team Leader,  Rosemary Dilsaver, is an ex Thames Valley policewoman, whose job is to organise the volunteers who are there to help both the prosecution and the defence witnesses.

Rosemary Dilsaver
Witness Support

They provide emotional support. and practical help, with total confidentiality, and have rooms where the witnesses can wait before and during the trial. There are child witnesses who need help, and there are those who want not to be seen from- or see into – the dock , and therefore choose to give evidence from behind a screen.  The members of the team will telephone future witnesses to offer them a visit to court before having to appear. The job is very varied, meeting a variety of different people, and extremely worthwhile.

There is a Witness Service in every Crown and Magistrates’ Court in England.

www.citizensadvice.org.uk/witness or call 03003321301